Pratibha Madhukar

Pratibha never let her hearing impairment come in the way of her confidence and aspiration. A student in M. Com’s 2nd year, she is a favourite among her commerce professors in her college in the small town of Dindori. They are sure that Pratibha would comfortably pass the Maharashtra Public Service Commission (MPSC) exam. The fact that her hearing ability had become negligible all of a sudden in grade 7 never affected her results. Such is she.

Himesh Pandit

He is 19 years old and has been living on his own for the past three years in a small village named Mohari in the state of Maharashtra.

Gauri Dilip

Gauri Dilip Pagar has a family of two. She lives with her 80-year-old Ajoba (Grandfather) in a village called Awankhed in Maharashtra. While growing up, she never knew any other guardian. Her parents abandoned her when she was a child, and her grandfather took it upon himself to raise her. As a blacksmith, he put in a lot of effort to see that Gauri completes her schooling. Since college, Gauri started earning for both of them by teaching the children of her village in the evenings. Her grandfather can no longer work. She pays her college fees, gets some medicines for the old man, buys some groceries, and then saves some for the higher studies she aspires to do. A Bachelor of Commerce degree with Honours isn’t enough for her

Swarup Gangode

Swarup Gangode is 21 years old lives in Kadva Mahlalungi village of Dindori in Nasik