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One of the most important ways to improve access to higher education is by providing scholarships to needy students.

India has the third-largest higher education system in the world; however, the enrolment ratio of students belonging to low-income groups and oppressed castes is abysmally low. Unequal access to education is a prominent cause of economic inequalities. One of the most important ways to improve access to higher education is by providing scholarships to needy students. Numerous public & private scholarship schemes are available; however, they fail to reach suitable candidates.

Scholarship Delivery Improvement Program


Purpose: To demonstrate that scholarships if designed and executed well can improve GER of marginalized students in higher education by x%.

Operational Mission: To help 1,00,000 marginalized students to get public scholarships worth INR 40 crores across 5 states.

Under this program, we work towards improving the efficiency of public or government-funded scholarship schemes. We work with different stakeholders involved in the process of scholarship delivery, like state government officials, district education authorities, schools, and students.

Over the years, we have identified various inefficiencies in the entire delivery process and aim to eliminate those to ensure that the student, who is the beneficiary, can access the scholarship without hurdles. We achieve this through data-scraping which tells us about the schools where scholarship delivery is not happening efficiently.

Once these schools are identified, we work with the relevant stakeholders to provide the necessary training and guidance. We help the school to register on the National Scholarship Portal, make students aware of the scholarship programs, and help them in arranging documents and submit final applications.

Recently, through various partnerships, we have also initiated work on designing tech solutions, rejigging roles, and responsibilities, process re-engineering etc., to augment the capacities of the officials responsible for scholarship delivery.

Scholar Connect Program


Purpose: To design and deliver scholarships to deserving students and demonstrate a high impact-to-investment ratio

Operational Mission: To deliver scholarships worth Rs 15 crore to at least 15,000 scholars

Under this program, we work towards supporting the CSRs, HNIs and other willing individuals or organisations in designing and delivering new-age scholarship schemes. These schemes are designed as per the unique needs and requirements of the donor as well as the beneficiary.

Throughout the process, we use our extensive experience and knowledge of the scholarship delivery space to ensure that every dollar invested in providing scholarships provides a high impact. We have, so far, designed and executed scholarship programs for organisations like HCL, Pernod Ricard, Tata Trent, and Nalanda Capital.

We are also working towards creating a strong crowd-funding model to provide necessary scholarship support to deserving students across the country.

Higher Education Access Support Program


Purpose: To demonstrate that peer-led learning can act as a catalyst for self-development

Operational Mission: To engage 30k students directly for 24 hours to induce 96-240 hours of learning time each (10:20:70 learning model)

While we work towards providing financial support to deserving students, we also realize the importance of peer learning, knowledge sharing, and networking. All of this helps a learner in working towards achieving their development goals and finding the right motivation and guidance.

Therefore, under this program, we help scholars in building networks and communities to support each other. This enables the scholars in building social and cultural capital which they otherwise lack because of their backgrounds.

We curate micro-enablement circles to help marginalized children to augment their learning in alignment with their contemporary needs. We enable the community to execute the 10:20:70 learning model to induce 96-240 hours of self-learning.

Scholarship Centre/Cell


Purpose: Empower students by providing comprehensive guidance on attaining scholarships and overcoming financial educational barriers.

Operational Mission: Simplify the scholarship application process, ensuring no student is held back from pursuing their dreams due to financial barriers. Offer career counseling to help students make informed decisions about their future paths.

Our Scholarship Cell is dedicated to empowering students by providing comprehensive guidance on successfully attaining scholarships. We have recognized that the scholarship application process can be overwhelming and taxing for students, often resulting in them being deprived of educational opportunities due to financial constraints. With this in mind, our mission is to simplify the application process, ensuring that no student is held back from pursuing their dreams due to financial barriers.

In addition to scholarship guidance, the scholarship cell team offers invaluable career counseling to children, enabling them to make well-informed decisions about their future paths. We understand the importance of aligning their passions and skills with suitable career choices, and our dedicated counselors provide personalized support to help students navigate the ever-evolving job market with confidence.

Digital Learning Center


Purpose: To establish a nurturing study environment, providing essential educational resources and bridging the digital divide for students in rural villages.

Operational Mission: Create study centers with state-of-the-art computers, a comprehensive book collection, and a conducive atmosphere. Promote education, foster a network of support, and empower students with digital skills for academic and personal growth.

we have established a nurturing study environment for students from rural villages. Equipped with state-of-the-art computers, an extensive collection of books, and a conducive atmosphere, our study centers provide students with access to essential educational resources. It also serves as a platform for students to connect with fellow learners, fostering a strong network of educational support.


By creating such a nurturing space, our Library not only promotes education within the village but also cultivates a culture of knowledge acquisition and personal growth. In addition, our digital library also provides technical knowledge of digital platforms to children in the village, effectively bridging the digital divide and preparing them for the digital age. We believe that education is the key to unlocking one’s full potential, and through our efforts, we strive to empower students to excel academically and develop essential life skills.

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The funds you donate here will go towards sponsoring the education of students from disadvantaged backgrounds. Moreover, the selected scholars will also gain access to personalized coaching, counselling and networking. If it is possible for you, please donate here to our Scholar Support Fund.